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Window Cleaning

Clean windows improve your view and protect your property investment. Over time dirt and debris on windows can cause damage as well as reduce the attractiveness of your property. For businesses, it has been proven that dirty windows can actually affect sales!

Current Health & Safety law now prevents working from a ladder in most cases, but window cleaning is deemed as safe up to the first floor if the relevant precautions have been taken.

Every window cleaning service personalized, we’ll provide exterior and interior window cleaning services up to the first floor.
  • First Time Cleaning / One Time Cleaning
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean and restore the frame
    • Clean and restore window tracks
    • Spot removing
    • Scrub and squeegee the glass
    • Front doors clean and restore
  • Regular Window Cleaning
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Wipe the frame
    • Spot removing
    • Scrub and squeegee the glass
    • Wipe the front doors
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