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Oven Cleaning

Out of all household appliances, ovens are usually the hardest and longest cleaning task. If your oven is grease and burnt-on food, you could be there for hours to scrubbing away. As most security deposits depend on a spotless oven. Cooking with a dirty oven doesn’t just stink out your kitchen, but it can also sour the food that you cooking as well.

Burnt-on food and grease aren’t just unpleasant to smell while you’re cooking: it can also form a potential fire risk, making occasional oven cleaning an essential household task.

  • Save your money
    • When an oven is clean both inside and out, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly and using less energy
  • Potential Health Risks
    • Recent studies have suggested some burnt foods, particularly meat and fish, could contain cancer-causing
  • Prevents Fires
    • A dirty oven can be a potential fire risk, as burnt on food can produce a lot of smoke when left to build up over time
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